For Patients

Preparing for Surgery

Be sure to ask any questions prior to the day of surgery and follow all instructions. The nursing staff will call you the day before your surgery to go through the instructions to prepare for surgery.  

Day of Surgery

Please show up with plenty of time before your surgery. Your physician will meet with your family members or care givers to let them know how the procedure went and expectations for after leaving.  

After Surgery

 Now that your surgery is over it is very important to follow your physicians and nursing instructions to ensure the best recovery.  


Be sure to complete all the necessary forms and documents prior to surgery. If you have any questions please contact the centers staff at least one day before your surgery. 


 Our patients satisfaction is very important to us. We often ask patients to  share their experience to measure our performance and maintain our high standard. 


As an Medicare certified surgery center we are able to provide surgery for patients with most insurance plans. We work with every patient and their carrier to make sure your procedure is covered and what each patients responsibility will be.